Reference for Herbs and other substances used in poultices, potions and cures:

Province of Athlund:

Wisp’s Breath: Six of these can be used to make a cure for hangovers and an aid for exhaustion. Ingested on its own, Wisp’s Breath slows the effect of intoxication. Wisp’s Breath can be found in forests across Josterion, but glow gently at night, making them easier to find.

Blue Cap Mushrooms: Five of these can be used to create a poultice that cures most common diseases and ills. On its own, a mushroom will slow infection from them. Blue Cap mushrooms are plentiful, but harvesting them takes care, as only preserved and living Blue Caps can be used in poultices.

Spur Root: Three of these roots will allow the creation of a topical substance that begins the slow regrowth of minor appendages, such as fingers. On its own, a ground up spur root will only reduce visible scarring and has been used historically to cover up wounds for nobility (unless they wished to display their injury proudly).

Lavender Seeds: Five of these can be used to make a fine powder that when mixed with water, masks your scent for a short time. A lesser effect can be achieved with fewer Seeds, but as they are quite common, it is not hard to get several together.

Royal Lichen: Five of these will aid you in making a poultice of healing. Ingested on its own, Royal Lichen aids natural healing. It is said that poultices using the lichen are quite difficult to produce. Royal lichen can be found in forests and swamps growing at the base of many trees.

Rinwort: Four of these can be ground up to create a poultice that reverses petrification. On its own, Rinwort can be used topically to slow and stop the effects of petrification as they occur. Rinwort is rare and only grows in particular places, such as the foothills of High Rock near Auchenfor.

Dried Ginko Leaves: Three of these can be ingested as a poultice to raise your alertness, making it near impossible to surprise you for hours. Just one can be used to increase your alertness a little temporarily.

Hewleaf: A common antitoxin, four of them can be used to make a poultice that when ingested, gives resistance to poisons for a short time.

Hyssop Dew: Collecting this dew from a Hyssop plant that grows in underbrushes and even underground will allow for the creation of a substance that increases your vision, either in the darkness or overall.

Lilythistle: Lilythistle is an incredible swamp and wetland plant that allows, when ingested, for an extended held breath. Four of them can be used to create a strange poultice that provides the body with oxygen for an hour.

Silver Thornberry: The preferred cousin of Royal Lichen, this rare plant that can be used to make a more potent healing poultice, and even ingested individually has the power to heal in a minor way.

Ethyril Islands:

Sirnroot: Helps cure illness and imbalances in the body. A good cure for seasickness and claustrophobia.


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