Session Three

Demons are encountered, and travel to Vindham.

Sixthday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

Bishop Erland gave a sermon, preaching to the village that the creature that fell from the sky was a demon sent to test their faith. An orc named Urz-ga arrived in the village, holding her baby. She begged for help, saying that her village had been attacked by demons. The Bishop agreed if she took penance for the actions of her people, raiding and destroying human settlements. She agreed, and knelt. He brought down his sword, removing her arm at the shoulder, and had his people heal her. The party and Erland were led up the mountain to the settlement, and saw several demons, including one that Benson suddenly remembered. The Lieutenant-General of hell, a heavily armoured hell knight, had killed his father and stolen his mother’s soul. The demon taunted him, and a battle began. When the smoke had cleared, the hell knight had escaped, and the orcs of the village were dead. Urz-ga, distraught, decided to head back to the village, then gather supplies to find a new orc village to take her and her child in.


Malus and Benson headed back up the mountain even further, noticing that demons were coming out of the massive body that had fallen. They gathered some of the blood, then headed back to the village. It was suggested to them that they could find out more about the demon that attacked them in Caredon, at the Great Library. Malus knew that to get to the capital of the Kingdom, they’d have to pass through his home, Vindham. They set off, and along the way encountered a few problems, including an owlbear that slew Malus. Hanging in a grey void, Malus was approached by the old woman from his dream, and she demanded a secret from him in exchange for his life. He told her that when he was young, he was kicked out of his home, and it was because he set fire to his table. His parents, religious and terrified, sent him away, believing his power to be demonic in nature. Malus’ secret then, was that on that day, he saw the same demon from before, the Lieutenant-general of hell.

Alive again, and returning to a surprised Benson, travel resumed toward Vindham, stopping overnight in Mistvale. In an inn named The Green Mouse, they met a woman named Rosalyn Varcona who expressed interest in travelling with them to Vindham. She joined them, and they made their way the next day. Arriving in Vindham, Malus made a brief stop at Ullvil’s tower, then headed into the city proper. They were ambushed by his childhood friend, Millia Barnadey, who refused to leave his side, bombarding him with questions about where he’d been and what he’d done. The group headed toward the Castle to check the library in this city, but Rosalyn was turned away for suspicion of being a bandit. Benson went with her, leaving Millia and Malus to the castle.


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