Virtues of the Church

The virtues of the Church are as follows:


Have mercy and kindness in all that you do. Do not cause undue pain or suffering unless necessary, and do all you can to remove pain and suffering from the world.


Have faith in the Goddess. She watches us all, shining down the light of her protection, and it is only through faith that we prove ourselves worthy of her light.


Temper yourself in all things. Do not allow yourself to indulge in excess, gluttony or lust. You are a miracle, and such excesses dull the light of life’s wonder, dragging it down to the recesses of baser and barbaric desires.


Do all you can to ensure justice. Wrongdoers are to be judged fairly, and punished according to their deeds. Justice and Mercy go hand-in-hand. Do not cause undue suffering even to the guilty, for that is not just.


Humble yourself before the Goddess and the world we live in. Do not allow your pride or greed to consume you, and be wary of your envy. Be thankful for what you have, and for the protection of the Goddess’ light.

Virtues of the Church

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