Eight facts about Josterion

1. The world is dark and brutal. It is a place of danger and ordinary peasants eke out a meagre and often fearful existence.

2. There is only one goddess: Our Lady of the Sun. She had numerous Saints devoted to her who have been legends throughout the ages. There are believed to be numerous demons and demon lords too.

3. Magic often calls upon terrible and unknown forces, and it is misunderstood by some. Few have the talent to master its use.

4. History and knowledge are mostly kept through word of mouth, but there are several jealously guarded abbeys and monasteries with large libraries of the past.

5. The world is ancient, dotted with ruins and destroyed towns. Between settlements are dangerous stretches of wilderness.

6. The planes outside of the world are mysterious and unknown to most.

7. Technology is medieval in nature and magic has not changed that much, due to the lack of people who can practice it.

8. Settlements are often separated a great deal and isolated as over the years the wilderness has reclaimed the attacked ruins between them. Guards and protection are heavily sought after for trade routes and anyone travelling along the roads are likely to be armed, accompanied by others, skilled, or all of the above.

Eight facts about Josterion

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