• Benson Burner

    Benson Burner

    A half-orc who served as a town guard and detective in the village of Auchenfor.
  • Malus


    A human wizard who is a scholar and a herbalist. He came to Auchenfor after hearing rumours of exotic herbs that could be found there.
  • Abbot Durleth Therosan

    Abbot Durleth Therosan

    The Abbot of the Abbey of St. Ulthian. He recently was distressed to find one of his monks was cursed and could not be cured by ecclesiastical means.
  • Aenora Nerysson

    Aenora Nerysson

    An old woman who runs the general store in Auchenfor. She recently lost her husband and has been struggling to run the business by herself.
  • Agares, Lieutenant-General

    Agares, Lieutenant-General

    The Lieutenant-General of the fifth legion. He is cruel and efficient, taking whatever tactical advantage he can. He steals souls with a jar he carried on his person, and during Benson's youth, the half-orc's mother was stolen.
  • Garth


    A member of the city watch that Malus met while breaking into Joscelyn's Precious Goods.
  • Millia Barnadey

    Millia Barnadey

    Malus' childhood friend, a mischievous young woman who works for her father at stables of the First District of Vindham.
  • Mr. Barnadey

    Mr. Barnadey

    A large man, stablemaster in Vindham and father of Malus' childhood friend. Protective of his daughter, but always chasing after her mischief.
  • Mysterious Old Woman

    Mysterious Old Woman

    An old woman that appeared in a dream to Malus.
  • Reinold Gunther

    Reinold Gunther

    The gang leader for the Silent Feathers. He runs the business storefront for the Thieves' Guild of Vindham and is the one Millia reports to.
  • Rosalyn Varcona

    Rosalyn Varcona

    A hardy woman that the group met in Mistvale. She said she was a traveller.
  • Sedolo


    A private guard that Malus met while he was trying to break into Joscelyn's Precious Goods.
  • St. Haeltar

    St. Haeltar

    One of the patron saints of dwarvenkind. He was supposedly appointed by the goddess to oversee the mountains and hills of Ironstorm, and is often called the Saint of Storms.
  • St. Ulthian

    St. Ulthian

    St. Ulthian was the patron saint of forests and the wilderness. He has an abbey devoted to him at Auchenfor. They say he was strong enough to wrestle a bear, and St. Ulthian is remembered both as protector and frontierman.
  • Ta'quil'an


    A monk of the Abbey of St. Ulthian who had been cursed, and whose curse had manifested as petrification.
  • The Upright Man

    The Upright Man

    The leader of the Blind Ravens thieves' guild in Vindham.
  • Ullvil Garmon

    Ullvil Garmon

    The mentor of Malus, and one of the most eccentric mages known to Vindham. He has a small pet drake named Hylax.
  • Urz-ga


    Urz-ga is the mother of an orc child and escaped from a fiend attack on their village.