Session Two

Rinwort is found, treasure is earned, and the curse spreads.

Thirdday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

Malus awoke after a disturbing dream where he slept with a woman who then aged and fell to wrinkles before revealing a fortune to him.

“The Sun has fallen to ruin, Malus.
Yet the moon and stars will guide your way.
It falls to you to be the voice of wisdom and knowledge, though before the end, you will die a thousand deaths.
The Knight holds the key to that which none else can open.
And though the throne will try to bring balance.
Its fate lies in the burning flame.
Look for when a diamond streaks across the sky, then you will know that it is time.”

Benson awoke similarly perturbed as he had bled during the night with no visible cuts or wounds. He noted that it seemed to be absorbed into his hammer, and when he asked the Abbot about it, the man suggested perhaps it was part of his curse.

During the next four days, the party encountered a number of dangerous creatures, including a baby wyvern, spiders and several kobolds. They also found more Rinwort and several other herbs and ingredients. Malus began to craft several poultices, and they gave the Rinwort to a delighted Aenora. It was used to heal the monk, named Ta’quil’an, though his curse did not go away once he was unpetrified.

The Abbot suggested that he was going to get a group together to go up and see for sure whether it was the Goddess that had fallen, but on the Sixthday, Fifthweek of Temperance, he and many others in the village had awoken to find themselves cursed as well, terrible growths on their chests. At midmorning, the sound of hooves could be heard as several riders came into the village, led by the Bishop Erland. They began to tend to those of the village, and seemed to still possess the arts that the Abbot had claimed he had no longer, performing miracles to heal the sick. It is unclear yet whether they can remove the curses, but only time will tell…

(The kobold lair, where Malus learned the true extent of his powers…)


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