Session Three point Five

Fourthday, Sixthweek, Temperance.

Malus and Millia headed over toward a small shop in the Merchant Ward called Whittlewood’s Groceries and Sundries. There, Malus saw her speak with a member of the Blind Ravens, retrieving a bag after some comments about her owing them. She then informed Malus that they had to steal something from a jewellery store in the Patriciate ward before she could get them inside the castle. He agreed hesitantly, telling her that she should leave the Ravens. They scoped out the store, noticing the security ahead of time, then returned back late at night. The pair distracted one of the guards, Malus using his magic to convince him that he was an old friend, and Millia snuck inside. With a considerable degree of magical assistance, they eventually stole a chest from the store with a golden mask inside, and returned it to the Blind Ravens. Millia headed home, weary, to find her home had been broken into. There was a mess, evidence of a struggle, and her father was missing. Malus noted the trace presence of a slimy substance on the floor, and the pair headed back to the Blind Ravens to find out if they had anything to do with Mr. Barnadey’s disappearance.


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