Session One

The hunt for Rimwort, and the death of a goddess.

Secondday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

A lone figure rode a mule down the road, toward the village of Auchenfor seeking rare herbs. A town guard from Auchenfor heard a rumour that the woman who runs the general store, Aenora, had an unusual conversation with the Abbot, Durleth Therosan. The guard and the figure met outside the store, both stepping inside. Aenora begged them for assistance to find Rinwort, a rare flower that grew at the foothills of High Rock, to the east. The two of them, motivated by the promise of gold, set out into the forest. They encountered skeletons, mindless undead in ruins that dotted the forest. Later, they discovered one of the Rinwort flowers but encountered undead hounds that guarded their ghostly spectral master. When Malus, the wizard was felled in battle, Benson rushed back to the village for help. Malus was brought to life by an unlikely object: a wand that they had discovered earlier in the ruins of a temple. Once used, the wand fell to ashes, but as Malus was brought back, Benson, Malus and the Abbot heard a terrible rumbling outside. Looking up at the sky, a colossal, mountain-sized woman fell from the sky and crashed into the peaks of High Rock. The Abbot Durleth fell to his knees, fearing that the woman was the Lady of the Sun, his goddess. Distraught, the Abbot met back with Aenora and explained to Malus and Benson that one of his monks had been cursed with a large scar and turned to stone. Malus remembered the scarring that covered his chest, and Benson had a flashback to something similar he had forgotten.


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