Session Four

Fifthday, Sixthweek, Temperance.

Benson and Rosalyn went to drink in a tavern in the Craft Ward of Vindham. Rosalyn, after a few drinks, began to open up to Benson, telling him that she wasn’t really a bandit or a traveller. She’d been captured by strange creatures underground, and even though she’d escaped and freed many of the slaves, when she saw Malus and Benson, thought they might help her return and free the others. Her memory was fuzzy, but she could remember the sewers led into the caverns below.

Malus and Millia confronted the Upright Man, discovering that he was connected to Mr. Barnadey’s kidnapping. He told Millia that she didn’t need her father, and that he was holding her back. He had a pet that he unleashed upon them when things turned sour, a brain-like creature with four legs ending in paws. After a dangerous fight, the pair discovered a way down into the sewers from the Upright Man’s office.

Fighting some of the sewer inhabitants, the two pairs met back up while fighting a deadly umber hulk. Upon defeating it, they found an opening into an ancient underground city. The path led them deeper into the ruins, and eventually they met with more resistance as a cloaked figure that had controlled the minds of several thralls ordered them to attack. Another of the brain-creatures assaulted the group, but these foes fell quickly. Next they found a prison where slaves begged for release, and the group helped them escape. They plunged deeper and found a laboratory with strange devices in it. The technology and machines there seemed beyond the scope of what they’d ever heard existed. Exploring further, they found the central chamber where the cloaked figure waited for them. Behind it, a huge brain sitting in slimy liquids seemed to be controlling the creatures here. Yet another creature of dense brain-matter assaulted them, this one much larger than before. Millia spotted her father in a glass tube at the back of the room, and the battle raged. It was nearly the end of everyone, but determination and sheer willpower kept them going. Defeating the brain and its thralls, the group finally freed Mr. Barnadey and headed back up to the surface.


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