Session Four

Fifthday, Sixthweek, Temperance.

Benson and Rosalyn went to drink in a tavern in the Craft Ward of Vindham. Rosalyn, after a few drinks, began to open up to Benson, telling him that she wasn’t really a bandit or a traveller. She’d been captured by strange creatures underground, and even though she’d escaped and freed many of the slaves, when she saw Malus and Benson, thought they might help her return and free the others. Her memory was fuzzy, but she could remember the sewers led into the caverns below.

Malus and Millia confronted the Upright Man, discovering that he was connected to Mr. Barnadey’s kidnapping. He told Millia that she didn’t need her father, and that he was holding her back. He had a pet that he unleashed upon them when things turned sour, a brain-like creature with four legs ending in paws. After a dangerous fight, the pair discovered a way down into the sewers from the Upright Man’s office.

Fighting some of the sewer inhabitants, the two pairs met back up while fighting a deadly umber hulk. Upon defeating it, they found an opening into an ancient underground city. The path led them deeper into the ruins, and eventually they met with more resistance as a cloaked figure that had controlled the minds of several thralls ordered them to attack. Another of the brain-creatures assaulted the group, but these foes fell quickly. Next they found a prison where slaves begged for release, and the group helped them escape. They plunged deeper and found a laboratory with strange devices in it. The technology and machines there seemed beyond the scope of what they’d ever heard existed. Exploring further, they found the central chamber where the cloaked figure waited for them. Behind it, a huge brain sitting in slimy liquids seemed to be controlling the creatures here. Yet another creature of dense brain-matter assaulted them, this one much larger than before. Millia spotted her father in a glass tube at the back of the room, and the battle raged. It was nearly the end of everyone, but determination and sheer willpower kept them going. Defeating the brain and its thralls, the group finally freed Mr. Barnadey and headed back up to the surface.

Session Three point Five

Fourthday, Sixthweek, Temperance.

Malus and Millia headed over toward a small shop in the Merchant Ward called Whittlewood’s Groceries and Sundries. There, Malus saw her speak with a member of the Blind Ravens, retrieving a bag after some comments about her owing them. She then informed Malus that they had to steal something from a jewellery store in the Patriciate ward before she could get them inside the castle. He agreed hesitantly, telling her that she should leave the Ravens. They scoped out the store, noticing the security ahead of time, then returned back late at night. The pair distracted one of the guards, Malus using his magic to convince him that he was an old friend, and Millia snuck inside. With a considerable degree of magical assistance, they eventually stole a chest from the store with a golden mask inside, and returned it to the Blind Ravens. Millia headed home, weary, to find her home had been broken into. There was a mess, evidence of a struggle, and her father was missing. Malus noted the trace presence of a slimy substance on the floor, and the pair headed back to the Blind Ravens to find out if they had anything to do with Mr. Barnadey’s disappearance.

Session Three
Demons are encountered, and travel to Vindham.

Sixthday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

Bishop Erland gave a sermon, preaching to the village that the creature that fell from the sky was a demon sent to test their faith. An orc named Urz-ga arrived in the village, holding her baby. She begged for help, saying that her village had been attacked by demons. The Bishop agreed if she took penance for the actions of her people, raiding and destroying human settlements. She agreed, and knelt. He brought down his sword, removing her arm at the shoulder, and had his people heal her. The party and Erland were led up the mountain to the settlement, and saw several demons, including one that Benson suddenly remembered. The Lieutenant-General of hell, a heavily armoured hell knight, had killed his father and stolen his mother’s soul. The demon taunted him, and a battle began. When the smoke had cleared, the hell knight had escaped, and the orcs of the village were dead. Urz-ga, distraught, decided to head back to the village, then gather supplies to find a new orc village to take her and her child in.


Malus and Benson headed back up the mountain even further, noticing that demons were coming out of the massive body that had fallen. They gathered some of the blood, then headed back to the village. It was suggested to them that they could find out more about the demon that attacked them in Caredon, at the Great Library. Malus knew that to get to the capital of the Kingdom, they’d have to pass through his home, Vindham. They set off, and along the way encountered a few problems, including an owlbear that slew Malus. Hanging in a grey void, Malus was approached by the old woman from his dream, and she demanded a secret from him in exchange for his life. He told her that when he was young, he was kicked out of his home, and it was because he set fire to his table. His parents, religious and terrified, sent him away, believing his power to be demonic in nature. Malus’ secret then, was that on that day, he saw the same demon from before, the Lieutenant-general of hell.

Alive again, and returning to a surprised Benson, travel resumed toward Vindham, stopping overnight in Mistvale. In an inn named The Green Mouse, they met a woman named Rosalyn Varcona who expressed interest in travelling with them to Vindham. She joined them, and they made their way the next day. Arriving in Vindham, Malus made a brief stop at Ullvil’s tower, then headed into the city proper. They were ambushed by his childhood friend, Millia Barnadey, who refused to leave his side, bombarding him with questions about where he’d been and what he’d done. The group headed toward the Castle to check the library in this city, but Rosalyn was turned away for suspicion of being a bandit. Benson went with her, leaving Millia and Malus to the castle.

Session Two
Rinwort is found, treasure is earned, and the curse spreads.

Thirdday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

Malus awoke after a disturbing dream where he slept with a woman who then aged and fell to wrinkles before revealing a fortune to him.

“The Sun has fallen to ruin, Malus.
Yet the moon and stars will guide your way.
It falls to you to be the voice of wisdom and knowledge, though before the end, you will die a thousand deaths.
The Knight holds the key to that which none else can open.
And though the throne will try to bring balance.
Its fate lies in the burning flame.
Look for when a diamond streaks across the sky, then you will know that it is time.”

Benson awoke similarly perturbed as he had bled during the night with no visible cuts or wounds. He noted that it seemed to be absorbed into his hammer, and when he asked the Abbot about it, the man suggested perhaps it was part of his curse.

During the next four days, the party encountered a number of dangerous creatures, including a baby wyvern, spiders and several kobolds. They also found more Rinwort and several other herbs and ingredients. Malus began to craft several poultices, and they gave the Rinwort to a delighted Aenora. It was used to heal the monk, named Ta’quil’an, though his curse did not go away once he was unpetrified.

The Abbot suggested that he was going to get a group together to go up and see for sure whether it was the Goddess that had fallen, but on the Sixthday, Fifthweek of Temperance, he and many others in the village had awoken to find themselves cursed as well, terrible growths on their chests. At midmorning, the sound of hooves could be heard as several riders came into the village, led by the Bishop Erland. They began to tend to those of the village, and seemed to still possess the arts that the Abbot had claimed he had no longer, performing miracles to heal the sick. It is unclear yet whether they can remove the curses, but only time will tell…

(The kobold lair, where Malus learned the true extent of his powers…)

Session One
The hunt for Rimwort, and the death of a goddess.

Secondday, Fifthweek, Temperance.

A lone figure rode a mule down the road, toward the village of Auchenfor seeking rare herbs. A town guard from Auchenfor heard a rumour that the woman who runs the general store, Aenora, had an unusual conversation with the Abbot, Durleth Therosan. The guard and the figure met outside the store, both stepping inside. Aenora begged them for assistance to find Rinwort, a rare flower that grew at the foothills of High Rock, to the east. The two of them, motivated by the promise of gold, set out into the forest. They encountered skeletons, mindless undead in ruins that dotted the forest. Later, they discovered one of the Rinwort flowers but encountered undead hounds that guarded their ghostly spectral master. When Malus, the wizard was felled in battle, Benson rushed back to the village for help. Malus was brought to life by an unlikely object: a wand that they had discovered earlier in the ruins of a temple. Once used, the wand fell to ashes, but as Malus was brought back, Benson, Malus and the Abbot heard a terrible rumbling outside. Looking up at the sky, a colossal, mountain-sized woman fell from the sky and crashed into the peaks of High Rock. The Abbot Durleth fell to his knees, fearing that the woman was the Lady of the Sun, his goddess. Distraught, the Abbot met back with Aenora and explained to Malus and Benson that one of his monks had been cursed with a large scar and turned to stone. Malus remembered the scarring that covered his chest, and Benson had a flashback to something similar he had forgotten.

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